Welcome to the World of Nappy Cakes! 

 About us 

Happienappiecakes was born after out of our desire for friends and family to celebrate the arrival of a baby with the parents.  

All cakes are hand made with lots of love, care and attention to detail.  We pride ourselves in the fact that the quality of ingredients that go into a Nappy cake are equal to the care  that goes into making them. 

We believe we can provide you with something just that little bit practical and different showing just how much you care too!

Nappy cakes:

So how do we make them look so good?

The 'frosting'  is created from using beautiful soft fleece baby blankets and soft coloured muslin nursing cloths.
Embellishments are added, along with ribbons, buttons, bows, sparkles and small pom poms perfectly placed to give that 'just perfect' look.

The ingredients inside the cake range from:

  • bodysuits, 
  • scratch mits, 
  • soft hats, socks and 
  • bibs.

Toppers range from: 

  • booties, 
  • soft toys or 
  • teddy comforters

The cake is finally brought together with cellophane wrap and a hand made 'ingredients' tag. 

Cakes are made in pink, blue or neutral colours.

Why  not order a Personalised cake, by adding wine or bubbly to the centre of the cake. You can also add a topper of your choice, maybe jewellery, chocolates or perhaps even a  gift voucher


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Personalised Christmas Baubles - Order yours now!   £1.50 boxed


Now available, all sizes

 Bodysuit Milkshakes £3.00

Christmas Sock Cupcakes - unisex
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